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Article: “The Good Life? It’s Close to Home”

Article: “Can Retail Space Be an Extension of the Public Realm? A Look at Seattle’s Third Place Books”

Article: “A Brief History of Happiness: How America Lost Track of the Good Life–and Where to Find It Now”

Article: “Seeking Recourse Against Polluters, Call to ‘Claim the Sky’ as Common Good Intensifies”

Article: “Landscapes may shape learning”

Article: “We Need to Bring Nature Back into Cities”

Article: “What You Can Do About Climate Change: Seven Simple Guidelines for Thinking about Carbon Emissions”

Article: “Edible landscapes expanding in Iowa City”

Article: “Nature promotes healthier lives and communities”

Article: “What Bees and Forests Can Teach You about Successful Leadership”

Article: “Trudeau says Indigenous people can teach the world how to care for the planet”

Article: David Bollier, “Burns Weston: Champion of Commons Law (1933-2015)

Article: “How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain”

Article: “When Languages Die, Ecosystems Often Die With Them”

Video: “Do Trees Communicate?”

Video: “Nature Deficit Disorder: KQED Quest”

Article: “With ‘Off-Planet’ Mining Bill, US Congress Seeks to Privatize Outer Space”

Video: NatureRx

Article: George Monbiot, “If Children Lose Contact with Nature They Won’t Fight For It”

Video: “Sounds of the Prairie”

Video: “Nature Deficit Disorder”

Article: “What If We Owned the Internet Together? It’s Time to Bring the Co-op Revolution to the Web”

Video: “Elie Wiesel: Exile and Redemption”

Video: “TEDxTC – Winona LaDuke – Seeds of Our Ancestors, Seeds of Life”

Video: “Minobimaatisiiwin – the good life | Winona LaDuke | TEDxSitk”

Video: “Winona LaDuke on returning land to American Indians”

Website: White Earth Land Recovery Project

Article: Anna Bernasek and D. T. Mongan, “How Much Would You Pay for Air? It Sounds Absurd at First–But They Already Got You to Pay for Water”

Article: Robert W. Lucky, “Understanding Openness: The choice between closed versus open innovation is not always simple”

Article: “Bill Gates: The Private Sector Is Inept. The World’s Richest Man Doubts that the Private Sector Is Up to the Job.”

Video: “Creative Commons and Copyright Info”

Video: “A Shared Culture” (Creative Commons License)

Video: “What Is Creative Commons License?”

Video: “David Bollier on Governing the Digital Commons”

Article: “David Byrne: The internet will suck all creative content out of the world”

Video: “Open to the Public?”

Article: “All the ‘Happy Birthday’ song copyright claims are invalid, federal judge rules”

Article: “Born in the Basement and Never Left”

Website: David Bollier


Article: George Monbiot, “Human…and Kind: Fascinating new lines of research suggest that we are good people, tolerating bad things.”

Video: “What’s Next for Our Global Commons–with David Bollier and James Quilligan”

Video: “Commons: An Interview with David Bollier”

Video: “Wendell Berry, Poet and Prophet,” Interview with Bill Moyers

Website: The Aldo Leopold Foundation

Article: “Organic farms in Iowa increase as demand for specialty food grows”

Article and Video: “Stunning Short Film ‘Home’ Reminds Us We’re Part of Something Greater”

Article: “Chief Seattle’s Screenwriter” (article about where the supposed “Chief Seattle speech” really came from)

Video: “Linda Hogan Reading at the 2006 Dodge Poetry Festival”

Video: “Read About Author Interview: Linda Hogan”

Video: “Contemporary Writers Series: Linda Hogan”

Music Video: Talking Heads, “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)”

Article: “Sweeping study of US farm data shows loss of crop diversity the past 34 years”

Article: “Marine population halved since 1970 – report”

Article: “The Leap Manifesto: A Call for Caring for the Earth and One Another”

Article: “The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration”

Video: “bell hooks & john a. powell: Keynote Dialogue at Othering & Belonging Conference April 2015″

Radio: “Iowans Find New Ways of Forming Community”

Video: Robert Putnam, “Community Engagement in a Changing America”

Unwelcome Mat Is Out at Some of New York’s Privately Owned Public Spaces

Humankind Has Halved the Number of Trees on the Planet

Robert Macfarlane: Why We Need Nature Writing


Urban Farming Growing on Locals

Homemaking Together: Restoring the Family Ecosystem

Developers Build Walkable Neighborhoods with Focus on Community Wealth

How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain

Connecting Over Soil

To My Daughter, On Living with Nature

Video: Hope in the Modern World with Scott Russell Sanders

Video: Divinity in the Mortar: An Interview with Scott Russell Sanders

Video: Conversations: Scott Russell Sanders

Food is community

UI study finds local food movement rooted in relationships and values