Blog Posts on Group Presentations (focus on content, not on presentation critique)


18 thoughts on “Blog Posts on Group Presentations (focus on content, not on presentation critique)

  1. So my grou has yet to resent but i feel like we will do very well. We a found something very unique to add. I found a list of things to do at Iowa before graduation, this was totaly unrelated to the class yet there were many things related to nature and society. This was ironic because I just stumbled uon this before class et it fit with the curriculum so erfectly. Each and every one of us added something different to the resentation, Clint related his art to Wendall Barry and Erin related her part to her sorority. Overall, I am confident that we will resent wel because of a combination of our ideas and our initiave.


  2. Prior to presenting, I feel that this group project was a perfect way for us to strengthen the roots of what we learned in this class. We were able to team up and decide on a topic that we found the most applicable and basically just structure it with everything that we have learned over the semester. We decided to go with a topic along the lines of that each of our authors talks about dealing with the struggle to establish a “homey”/rootedness connection with nature at our homes when it constantly regresses due to our communities destroying/polluting the nature as a whole. While studying this topic and making comparisons with guys like Berry, Sanders, Seamon, etc, it has just brought it all together for me and I think my group as well and strengthened everything we’ve taken in so far perfectly.


  3. Even though my group is not ready to present either i feel as if we will also do a great job. Some of the ideas we have came up with in our meetings within the class has actually made me anxious to present. When I was first starting to think about the concentric circles in class I pictured them in relation to my hometown since I have lived there my whole life and understand it better that way. When relating the impact/ their relation among the society Iowa represents. Our presentation takes a better look at how these different circles interact directly towards Iowa city. We believe this will give students a better idea how a home can be created away from home and understand the characteristics in which will make up the home. There are so many enclosures just at this school that can be easily over looked because it isn’t in the pathway of concern for most students. I believe our presentation will help inform those and explain how all of our writers help us better understand the relation among the commons.


  4. I thought the presentations went very well. It was clear that the entire class has a new understanding and appreciation of the meaning of the words home, community, society, and nature. I really enjoyed how one of groups did a video of what the actual definition of home was from a dictionary and what people’s meaning of home was. I think this exemplifies what our “good society” class is about. There is much more importance and emotion behinds words like home, society, community, and nature. It was a good way to see how these aspects affect our individuals lives and what people perceive home to be. I thought it was interesting also how a group today mentioned yoga as a commons. Most people did not realize it was a commons also until it became enclosed by a person for personal profit. I thought this was a good example of how enclosure of the commons is affecting our lifestyle and is only being done for capital gain. I thought our group had a substantial amount of new information and old information, we found a balance between teaching about the Amish community and relating it to class material.


  5. There were a lot of great presentations this week and I learned something new from each one. Our group did a presentation over the Amish and the lifestyle they lived while tying it all into the commons. One thing new I learned would be that home is everywhere. Home is wherever one feels comfort or at ease. I also liked the comment from bell hooks I believe saying “capitalism is f****** up this world”. Though short and vulgar, this sums up capitalism greatly. It has corrupted our lives and will now be the down fall of the world if not dealt with accordingly. Overall I am glad we had a chance to present and also hear others new input on previous class material.


  6. I really enjoyed the group presentation portion of class and thought they went well. I thought it was interesting how each group went such different paths with their projects. Each project contained originality. This project gave us the freedom to make connections to the class in any way we see fit. I thought the group which made the connection to the Amish community was particularly creative. The project that stood out to me the most was the group that decided to present the definition of “home”, in both their own words and the dictionary definition. It was cool to see them build upon their own definition of home by using personal video clips of friends… No other group used their own personal footage like that. Our group used this project as an opportunity to really sum up what we took away from this class. We split up the work based on which authors we were each most passionate about, and put together our final impression of their impact.


  7. This week we finished our six group presentations while each group presents their own material vividly and carefully.I noticed that many groups talked about model in our course syllabus with their own interpretation and explanation which is interesting and powerful.I love the group that use Iowa City as a example to connect with our course model.Since I didn’t know much about Iowa city,when they introduce their findings about Iowa city,I can learn a lot from their comments about some history and other issue about Iowa .One of the other group talk about some ethic group in small town lived by their own plants without technology.Moreover,a lot of people treat Iowa City as a overdevelop city that gradually disconnected with nature.However,as a foreign,I already felt more nature in Iowa.Overall,we all based on our own impression to decide what is nature and what is urban.We can try our best to protect our nature but we have to keep our eyesight in positive side but not only negative side.


  8. I really enjoyed all the presentations given this past week but the one that interested me the most was the one about the Amish. I have always been really interested in cultures out of the norm and it was a really surprise to me when I noticed that many ideas the Amish hold coincide with the things we learned this try. For example their strong reliance on community, nature and people helping each other out. Without their community the Amish wouldn’t be who they are because a lot of their core elements revolve around having this strong community of other Amish, friends, family, and neighbors to support them. The connection and reliance they have with nature is also probably pretty strong too because everything they get from their food to income is directly from nature creating a sense of mutual obligation to nature. Lastly if people in the Amish community didn’t help each other out then it would be very unlikely for the Amish to even live since they need their fellow Amish to support them in things they can’t do alone. What intrigued me the most about the Amish is that the only major difference between them and us is our use of technology but this use of technology has created two completely different ways of living.


  9. The presentation was our last in-class assignment for the semester. Although it was tough to set up a meeting with all the group members because it was getting close to the finals week. Our group, group 6, had focused on the topic of home, which is also located very center of our course’s conceptual circles. The definition of home to everyone is very different. In other words, the definition is very subjective. Due to its characteristic of subjectiveness, our group decided to focus on building our own definition of home that every group member agrees on and tried to suggest to build each class member’s own definition to set up their standards. First, we decided to say that a nicely built physical house can nevery be a home because of its lack of bonding and happiness. Our group also decided to compare all the definition of home by looking at authors’ arguments, other people’s opinion on interntet, and a video that we interviewed people around our age group. The most commonly used word to describe home was comfort, which requires physical and psychological comfort. With all different concepts combined, our group eventually decided to define the word home as
    “Home is not just a physical place or thing, it is actually a feeling and special bond in an area that cannot be felt anywhere else, which comes from several aspects that connect to home. “


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